Lake Regional Health System | Thrive | Spring 2020

4 | Spring 2020 ORTHOPEDICS A worn-out knee can make you miserable. “If you’re living with knee pain, you might be thinking it’s time to get a new knee,” says Lake Regional Orthopedic Surgeon Ryan Morris, D.O. “Your doctor can discuss the pros and cons of knee replacement surgery — but ultimately the decision is yours.” That’s because most knee replace- ments are elective, meaning they’re done when you’re ready to seek relief from your pain, not for an emer- gency medical reason. To help you decide, here are three questions to ask yourself about your knee pain and other considerations: Ryan Morris, D.O. Need a new knee? 3 questions to ask 1 Can I live with the pain I have now? If pain is affecting your daily life, surgery may be the right choice. Here are some signs it might be time: • It’s hard to climb stairs, get into a car or move around your home. • You’re giving up activities you enjoy. • You wake up at night in pain. • Your mood and relationships are affected. • You have more bad days than good. 2 Have I exhausted all other options? Knee replacement surgery is typically only appropriate if other, more con- servative treatments haven’t helped. These include pain relievers, steroid injections, exercise, physical therapy and assistive devices, such as a walker or a cane.